We need shade and shelter while in the desert for a week.

I need a giant project to confuse the neighboors.

This would be two birds with one stone.

(Dome plans stolen from www.desertdomes.com the best place to start on dome building info)

First I traced out the general dome size with side walk chalk, I have a disease which requires me to build everything bigger than everyone else. Parks 2 cars..sounds a bit small…

Using a hand pipe cutter means I don’t loose a 1/4″ for blade width on each cut…which means I gain inches on the Dome’s diameter…I’m crazy, I know.

The 1 ton arbor press actually held up surprisingly well, bending only when I was finishing up. If you’re making more than one dome in you life…get the 3 ton press. After a failed attempt building top down (ladder too short) I built bottom up, only to discover, as I expected, that the power lines in my backyard are just too low.

So I started over again on the back parking pad..here I’m assembling a 5/8 3V dome…which is funny, because I have enough conduit for a 3/8 3V dome.

Which means the entire bottom row is un-needed on my design, since I don’t have enough struts….So the dome has to come down again…

So that would be a full day of assembling and disassembling the dome, without actually completing it properly once. I also have a pretty good sunburn, doing this in the desert at Black Rock City is gonna be fun.

The epic coolness of this giant dome and it’s construction is definetly something to see in person.

Cars that usually blast through my back alley were slamming on their brakes to slow down, and I counted at least a half dozen cars that nearly side swiped my neighboors garage as they drifted to the side while gawking at my insanity.

Armed with a proper diagram (3/8 of a sphere, not 5/8) and the new 10ft ladder I bought the day before the dome went up rather smoothly….sort of.

For some reason the bottom layer didn’t support itself and the next upper layers as well as the 5/8 version did.

In fact this thing wanted to collapse, and took every opportunity it could, to do so. Still it took only 3 hrs for me to assemble it on my own.

The view is incredible, and it’s stronger than even I expected…and I had high expectations. Dissapointly not one of my neighboors ventured outside the week it was assembled, they must all be terminally dull.

The next adventure…covering the thing, I want perfect shade, a perfect custom cover, and I’m gonna do it the easy way, when I figure out what that is..