Items Required:

Washer Fluid Resevoir & Pump (1985 Toyota Corolla is a Mirror image to the CRX resevoir….so it’ll fit on the other side perfectly)


Push Button

1/4 ” hosing

Windsheild Washer Jets (not the ones with lights….loser)

Relay (if you wanna get fancy)

A big thanks goes out to Ryan from Decibels, who I stole this idea from.

Okay so you’re asking “Why would I put a water gun on the front of my car?”

Well thanks for coming out, click on the red square in the upper right corner you idiot, obviously you have no idea what is fun or cool.

If your asking “Is this gonna be big enough?”, drop me a line, I’d like to meet you.

So you’ve got a resevoir and all the other stuff…Step One is to zip-tie and/or bolt the resevoir into the hole left by the old air intake resonator box.

then run the 1/4″ tube to your bumper….find a good place to mount your nozzle(s) and drill holes for them….attach the hose to the nozzles.

now onto the wiring…take the black wire from the pump unit and bolt it to the vehicle frame (make it a good ground, use a ring terminal, sand the paint down a bit)

solder some wire onto the other wire and touch it to the battery to see if the system works.

Did you spray water into your tool box? Good, things are going well.

run the wire from the pump to a switch inside the car….run a wire from that switch to your battery (putting an inline fuse holder along this path some where accesable is a good idear…try a 5 Amp fuse)

You’re all set to go. I like to drive into meets, and wait for people to walk up to the front of my car, then I let out a good long spray.

Congratulations you are a proud owner of a Project Wet Pants

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