The concept was fairly simple, find an old Honda Civic 1984-1991 with power windows in Edmonton Pick Your Part. Of course their were none with power windows, I did however find a 1986 Nissan Multi which had power windows.

I was a little hesitant about the whole Nissan part fitting into a Honda but what the hell? They’ve got a 90 day return policy and what’s the harm in trying?

Their isn’t any. Unless of course you’re stupid like me.

Getting the power window regulator out of the Nissan door was no trouble at all, it just popped right out, with a little prying.

The piece sure as hell looked alot like the one that I took out of my CRX it just had a motor…I took the window switches from the Nissan as well, I wasn’t sure how the whole mounting switch was gonna go, I was mainly focused on getting the window going first.

So I get the regulators home and cleaned up ($50 later) and I notice that the bolt holes don’t quite match up between my old regulator and the new regulator, So I figure… okay I might have to drill some new holes.

After about an hour of trying to get the regulators to fit and move right inside my CRX door I come to the conclusion it just ain’t gonna happen.
Luckily I haven’t drilled any holes in the CRX,
I of course come up with the brilliant idea of attaching the Nissan motor to my old CRX regulator. Of course the only way this is going to happen is if I remove the manual crank from my old regulator……………………….
This of course is a major mistake, never destroy your stock part if you’re not 100% sure you’ve
a) got a replacement
b) have a working aftermarket part
c) a name that is something other than Troy

This of course doesn’t stop me from whipping out my Dremel tool and destroying my stock window regulator.
The big black smudge on the upper right used to be a healthy copper hand crank… more.

Of course I couldn’t get the Nissan motors to attach, so after 3 trips to Pick Your Part I’ve managed to spend $20 (after returns) and still have no working regulator….(I even tryed replacing the regulator with a manual crank from a Civic…no go)

This is how my car looks on my driveway at present, it’s obviously not too happy with me. I’m currently trying to track down a local supplier with a CRX regulator………….