The first step is getting the valve cover off, this is where a set of deep impact sockets will help a lot.

If you don’t have them yet, because you spent the money you were supposed to buy the sockets with on expensive dinners with friends…you’ll have to use some needle nose pliers… like me.

Once the bolts are loose, take a break and belch up some of that delicious lobster you had for dinner, then pry the cover off the block, be gentle but firm.

Or use a flathead screwdriver and crank on it, cause it’s too fucking cold out to finesse that bitch off, and let’s face it you’ve probably got more important things to do.
Once it’s off, sneek it into the laundry room where it’s warm, and hope to avoid the lecture about using flammable paints beside the furnace room.

I used some automotive paint stripper from Canadian Tire, and cause the inside was all nasty too, I just sprayed like crazy and scraped the goo off of all the sides….this can take hours and it’s helpful to have a bunch of rags (or towels stolen from a job you had earlier in the year) as well as a toothbrush (can be found in bathroom drawers, make sure you wash it and put it back when your done, so you don’t have to hear any bitching about ‘missing toothbrushes’).

Once that’s done I coated the parts I didn’t want painted with vaseline..this sort of worked although not quite.
So I tried using painters masking tape…the trick is cutting around the letters with an exacto-knife as carefully as possible. this turned out okay after a couple coats and some sanding and some more coats.

I should of left it, but I’m an idiot.

I tried polishing it with my Dremel tool…..and I ended up scoring the finish. So I’ve got to re-sand it, re tape it, and then re paint it.

Damn it.
Only hand polishing for me…. he he he.

Another key thing to remember is; that once you’ve repainted it 4 times and have it just the way you want it, don’t scratch the hell out of it with chains when you’re lowering the engine into your car.

Otherwise you’ll be paying for a decent powdercoating like I’m going to. Eventually. When I can afford to pay.

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