We are a group of veteran burners ranging from threebies (3 yrs) up to a full decade now? woo! We are all previous Lamplighters for the majority or all of our burning years.

After working our little butts off to light the city every night without fail, we’re a little tired, kerosene is in our blood, but we want to get out and play!!

We want to step aside and let a whole new ?generation? take the reins of the Lamplighters and we just can’t do that while staying in camp; we feel guilty not helping, and it’s a lot easier to shine on your own two feet without us looking over your shoulder.

We’ve decided to “take a break” from all that work and relax…..the only way we know how…working…… to build another kick ass camp.

We respectfully request to be placed one street back from the Lamplighter Camp, (assuming the usual Lamplighter placement, we’d like 5:30 & D or E)

We are a seperate camp, and will be standing on your own, but we’ve got a lot of family over there, and it’s always nice to be close to your family….but not too close.

Kinda like that uncle that’s always got your back, but usually just shows up un-announced, drinks all your beer, and tells stories about the old days and how your mom used to get around a lot.

Just because we’re taking a little rest doesn’t mean we’re pulling out the lawn chairs and becoming spectators….well actually we are. Every morning citizens can walk by our hung-over crowd of professional spectators to be ridiculed and complimented at will, or pull up a chair and become an official spectator of spectators with us.

Fuck your Guilt Camp includes the Liquored Lantern a full service bar featuring theme nights, (wild west attire, safety vests, superhero) completely random hours, and it accepts donations of alcohol, sexy underwear, wild tales and insults.

Feeling guilty? Did someone you shouldn’t have? Regretting something not done? FUCK YOUR GUILT!! Shed your sexy underwear (which becomes part of the bar’s open aired roof), tell your tale to a group of surly bartenders who’ve probably done worse things in the last 2 hours, and get on with your life! You only live a few dozens times before finding Zen and lets face it you kinda fucked up this round already.

We’re not going to lie, we designed the camp long before Metropolis was chosen as a theme, but it’s like it was meant to be… a back water old style hick bar in the middle of the most progressive city on Earth. You can take your bustling metropolis and auto-mo-biles and stuff ‘em right up your Expresso rushin ass. We’re takin it slow and easy, and we’re not gonna feel bad about accomplishing nuttin all week. Fuck Your Guilt!

Camp Layout

Camp layout
Camp layout



The front of the camp includes the Liquored Lantern full service bar, it has a foot print of 10 ft wide X 8 ft deep, with an 8ft long bar surface created from random found objects from our off Playa parties encased in solid resin. The bar itself is created out of 4ftx8ft panels bolted together into a square (for stability) and secured to the playa ground with rebar candycanes. (It’s been tested in a 90mph gusting windstorm to date with no ill effects). It has a roof of shade cloth allowing more material to be added, and several staple guns chained along the periphery allowing participants to staple regrets and other objects to it’s sides.

Behind the Liqoured Lantern is 25ft of Carport open on one side to the playa to facilitate our heckling and provide ample shade for day time interactions. This also creates a physical barrier to hide the private section of camp including our camping and cooking space in addition to parked vehicles. As always these carports are secured by rebar at each foot and additionally tied down with rope across thier roofs perpendicularily.

The remainder of the open front camp space is filled with random redneck style junk, including a broken porch swing, outhouse, event signpost (listing theme nights and other camp activities to the public) and other debri one would expect to find in front of a ramshackle camp inside a bustling Metropolis.


As long time Burners we know that LNT starts weeks before you start packing, we know full well that we have to pack out all the crap we drag out to the party. So we pack light, shed excess packaging, drink Pabst out of a can, and plan out easy meals so we have less crap to deal with in the first place.  Running the Lamplighter bar has helped us refine our MOOP process, integrating garbages behind the bar and into the structure itself allows all of our camp members to easily MOOP our area constantly each and every day. We will continue our daily afternoon game of “everyone MOOPs until it’s spotless or the bar doesn’t open” (always a crowd favorite due to the speed and intensity of the sport)
 each camp member is responsible for packing out the grey water and trash they create.
All of these processes will be encouraged, enabled and enforced under punishment of death by Mahela our LNT Ambassador, who will be ultimately responsible for ensuring our cleanup and trash management plans are followed, they will monitor our grey water, and whip us out of our hangovers to grid our camp and probably more than quite a few of our neighbours camps as well upon event completion. We like our LNT maps Absinthe Green baby!