I’ve been doing alot of general repairs and trouble shooting lately, I added a horizontal bar from the front to the back of Bang along side the weapon blade. It works as a fence to keep the batteries out of the blade and by a huge fluke.. exactly 1 sealed lead acid and 2 Ni-Cd batteries fit perfectly in the space.

I also padded and re-wired my last 2 Ni-Cd’s. Now I have 5 in Bang to operate the blade and 1 extra to switch out to cut down on charging time.

I also bought a new lid for Bang, it’s only 1/4″ thick so if I shave down the armor and use the new lid Bang should operate upside down just fine.

I also picked up the smallest castors I could find for the lid, a bunch of WD-40 for the eventual shaving of armor, and 2 cans of black spray paint, and some extra 1/4″ titanium drill bits (since I melted 2 fixing and realigning the holes in my weapon blades).

I’ve also decided to use small lengths of 1/4″ threaded pole bolted all the way through Bang to secure the lid…just like a sandwich (that’s becoming a re-occuring theme isn’t it?)